Grange Hall Rental

Thank you for your interest in renting our Grange Hall. Hall rental fees keep the lights on and fund improvements and repairs to the Grange Hall.


Rental Procedure

Step 1: Read the following rental agreement and frequently asked questions.

Step 2: Check the calendar at for availability of preferred date(s).

Step 3: Contact a rental representative at or 541-829-2907.

Step 4: Schedule a tour of the Grange Hall, if necessary.

Step 5: Fill out the rental agreement and pay the $300 per day rental fee and $300 refundable security deposit. The rental fee is not refundable if a cancellation occurs within 30 days of the scheduled event.

Mail the rental agreement, rental fee, and security deposit to:

Marys River Grange #685
c/o Jay Sexton
232 N. 8th Street
Philomath, OR 97370

Or schedule to meet a Grange representative to pay cash.

After verbal or email commitment to a rental, the date will be held for five days. If the renter does not submit the rental agreement, rental fee, and security deposit within five days, the date will NOT be reserved. (We are not responsible for receiving mail on time.)

Step 6: Check the calendar at for confirmation. The date is now reserved.

Step 7: The week of your event, schedule with a Grange representative to pickup a key on the day of your event after 10 AM.

Step 8: Meet a Grange representative to get the Grange Hall key on the day of your event. Have a great time, be safe, respectful, and responsible.

Step 9: After your event, clean the hall according to the cleaning and closing procedure.

Step 10: Put the key in the drop box before 8 am the following day.

Step 11: The week after your event, you will receive a follow up phone call or email from a Grange representative to discuss your security deposit. The security deposit will be returned in full to the renter within one week after the event IF:

  • The Grange Hall was cleaned appropriately.
  • There was no damage to property or neighboring properties.
  • The key was returned on time.
  • There was no other violation to the rental agreement.


Any violations of the rental agreement
will result in a
forfeiture of the full security deposit


Grange Hall Facilities and Use

Please be respectful of our Grange Hall and it will continue to be a community center in the future.

Main Hall

2,000 square foot wood dance floor
200 square foot stage
15 six-foot, white rectangular folding tables (no table cloths)
2 island countertops
1 wooden rolling altar table
several card tables
80+ chairs
5 pews around the perimeter
1 medium electric heater
2 wood furnaces with firewood

The main hall does NOT have a sound system or air conditioning.

Do NOT damage the floor with improper footwear or furniture movement.
Do NOT move any wall hangings.
Do NOT use confetti, rice, birdseed, etc. anywhere on the property, inside or out.
Do NOT use nails, glue, tape of any kind, or any other means of decorating that may damage Grange Hall walls.
Do NOT bring any pets on the premises. (Service animals are okay)
Do NOT exceed maximum capacity:


2 gas ovens/ranges
2 refrigerators
1 two-chamber sink
Cleaning supplies

Dishes, silverware, and paper products are NOT available during rentals.


2 unisex, single toilet bathrooms


2 Couches

Parking Lot/Grounds

Capacity: 35-40 cars

Do NOT park in the grass.
Do NOT cross the marked property line onto neighbor’s property.
Do NOT allow guests to park in the Greengable Gardens parking lot. (Renters are responsible for where their guests park and how they behave. If guests park in the Greengable Gardens Parking lot, vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense, and the renters will forfeit their security deposit.)


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Can I set up the day before or clean up the day after my event if the Grange Hall is not rented?

If you need extra time to set up or clean up, you will need to rent another full day of use.

If I join the Grange, can I rent the Grange Hall for less than the standard rental rate?

Active Grange members are allowed to rent the Grange once per year for $25. To be an “active member” you must have been a paid member ($40) for at least six months, and you must attend at least three Grange meetings.

I represent a worthy organization or cause. Can I rent the Grange for less than the standard rental rate?

The Marys River Grange is a not-for-profit organization, and all rental fees help maintain and upgrade the building. The Marys River Grange sponsors several community events per year, but aside from those, all others must pay the full rental rate.

Can I reserve a date for a Grange Hall rental for a while before paying the full rental fee and security deposit?

After a verbal commitment to a rental, the Grange representative will hold the date for you for up to five days. If we do not receive your rental agreement, rental fee, and security deposit after five days, the date becomes available to other potential renters.


Download Rental Contract