Officer Contact Information

Office Name Contact
Rental Manager Jay Sexton


Master Toni Hoyman


Overseer Erin Bartek  
Secretary Chris Hansen

Lecturer Caroline Choquette  
Treasurer Sonny Hays-Eberts  
Steward Jay Sexton  
Assistant Steward Jessie Blume  
Lady Assistant Steward Helen Dziuba  
Chaplain Judy Hays-Eberts  
Gatekeeper Elizabeth Bolte  
Musician Chris Hansen  
Pomona Camille Storch  
Ceres Lisa Hargest  
Flora Jessica Celis  
Executive Committee Jay Sexton  
Executive Committee Caroline Choquette  
Executive Committee Erin Bartek  





"We desire proper equality and fairness; protection for the weak; restraint upon the strong; in short, justly distributed power. These are American ideals, the very essence of our Republic."

- Patrons of Husbandry